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Espiritu de los Andes

Fernando Montes Memorial
Espiritu de los Andes

Homage to Fernando Montes

Salon de Ontono 2007

Espiritu do los Andes

String Quartet no 1 Montes

Exhibition of paintings by Fernando Montes

Spirit of the Andes

Belize Hall , London

Exhibition Dibujos-Fernando Montes   

Exhibition at  Art Forum JARFO,

Espiritu de los Andes

Fernando Montes Luces
Exhibition of photographs by Eduardo Quintanilla at Cine 6 de Agosto, La Paz Bolivia

Gallery Nota, La Paz, Bolivia

World premier of film directed by Veronica Souto, Cine 6 de Agusto, La Paz, Bolivia
National Archive and Library of Bolivia, Sucre

Exhibition of drawings at Casa de la Libertad, Sucre, Bolivia

Showing of the documentary by Veronica Souto, Santa Cruz

World premier performance of the quartet composed by Agustin Fernandez, played by Momenta Quartet at Temple University, Philadelphia. Further performances on 24 Feb 2010, The Americas Society NYC, 10 Oct 2010 at Barbes Brooklyn, 24 Oct 2010 Our Lady Chapel, Cold Spring NYC, 11 Feb 2011 Williams College Williamsburg, 24 March 2011 Rutgers University, New Brunswick

Exhibition following the refurbishment of Canning House

Showing of the documentary by Veronica Souto at Canning House, 2 Belgrave Square, London SW1X 8PJ

Exhibition of paintings by Fernado Montes to inaugurate the Belize Hall, a new space for exhibitions of paintings by new and established artists from Latin America, Spain and Portugal

Exhibition held at CAF Gallery, La Paz, Bolivia

JARFO, 81 Imakoji-Cho, Higashiiru Higashiooji, Sanjyodori, Higashiyamaku, Kyoto City, Japan 605 0023

Exhibition at Museo Tambo Quirquincho, La Paz

Exhibition at Espacio de Arte, La Paz